Gain data-driven insights using quantitative, targeted analytics.

Sigmas is one of the fastest, easiest ways for businesses to work with data. Ideal for small teams to enterprise, Sigma provides teams with cloud-based analytics that uses a familiar spreadsheet interface to give instant access to explore and gain insights from your data.

Key Benefits of Sigma

We know analytics are critical, and we are here to help.

Continuum of Services

Deploy and Secure

Our team can get you up and running on the Sigma platform with a rapid deployment methodology.  Our internal assets help accelerate defining Profiles, permission sets, and row-level security.

Build For Success

Data consumption into Sigma is only one piece of the puzzle.  Once your data is in Sigma, you need to surface the right data to the right team.  Our analytics experts can help accelerate your path to visualization by building analytics specific to your KPIs.

Integrated Analytics

Integrated analytics means having the right visuals at your fingertips.  No more jumping between different browser tabs or windows to stitch data together.  Our developers can embed your dashboards directly into your preferred tool to reduce “swivel -chair” approaches and give you a true command center for your teams.