Funding cuts, increased competition, and new ways of learning have a direct impact on higher education and student success. A data and analytics strategy is a crucial factor in addressing these critical problems and overcoming them as they arise.

We work with colleges and universities to deliver data-driven solutions targeted at transforming the way your institute operates while creating systems that provide actionable insights for improvement.

LMS Data Migration

The student experience is critical to reducing drop-out rates and increasing post-graduate program enrollment.  We perform large-scale data migrations of your LMS platform to improve student success.

Enrollment and Onboarding Management

Using human capital analytics, our team can give you insight into the breakdown of your enrollment and onboarding processes.  Using integration services, we provide education leaders with continuous reporting to give you answers across multiple data sources.

Predicted Student Trajectories

QuadraByte understands the importance of early intervention for ensuring students get and stay on track toward their post-secondary goals.  Our team helps education leaders span disparate datasets and provide statistical models to predict if students will meet key educational milestones.

Prescriptive Analytics

Colleges and universities are using prescriptive analytics to increase enrollment yield, optimize net tuition revenue, accelerate financial aid services, and improve retention or graduation rates.

Connected Campus

Break down data silos, make data accessible, and strategize your processes based on facts, not assumptions.

Improve Career Services

 As schools work more with students and corporations, the ability to connect students with career services is more important than ever for the ideal student experience. QuadraByte delivers solutions focused on connecting your students with potential employers to accelerate their time to hire after college.