Conversational AI

QuadraByte aims to deliver a scalable, intelligent customer experience through the use of conversational AI.  Our services are uniquely designed to harness the power of AI through trained telephony, Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and a state-of-the-art AI engine.  With our frictionless engagement solutions, you can communicate with your customers across various channels, including voice, WhatsApp, SMS, HTTP, and Web Chat.

Delivering Virtual Assistants

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is critical to servicing both your customers and your employees.  We tailor our solutions to engage across all personas with robust Virtual Assistants leveraging the latest in AI technology and providing integrations to further enrich the AI experience.

AI Engine

Natural Language Understanding

Enable your Virtual Assistants to automatically capture and recognize human speech with train NLU models in English and multiple other languages

Connected Flows

Utilize native integrations with the most widely used cloud-based applications.  Leveraging APIs in your flows helps to remove paperwork time and increase efficiency in your AI solution.

E-Commerce AI

Our team can leverage the power of Jumper.AI to enable self-service and checkout via chatbot.  With social media integrations, your organization and leverage Ad spending to engage with customers directly within their social media feeds, including taking customers through the entire purchase journey directly within the Ad space.

Reimagine A World Without Frustration

When consumers are asked about their top frustrations with businesses they deal with, long wait times (63%), unresolved issues in a single interaction (63%), and repetitive conversations (61%) were top of the list.  In a world of Customer Service driven through AI, businesses can avoid these customer communication pitfalls and enhance the customer experience.