We are surrounded by data but starved for insights.

Healthcare has been the leading industry for understanding the true power of data in their organization but has historically struggled to harness that data.  With Quadrabyte, we help your business improve patient outcomes, unlock the full potential of your EHR, improve claim processing, and more.

Key Benefits of Data 360

We know healthcare is changing, and we are here to help.

Continuum of Services

EHR & EMR Implementation

Developers facilitate the implementation of legacy medical record system evaluation, data migration, user training, ICD-10 codes, and more.

EHR & EMR Integration

Our integration experts can help you integrate third-party technologies for cloud-based billing, lab data transfers, insurance databases, communication modules, charting & reporting, and more.

Telemedicine Integration

As a trusted Vonage Partner, our team helps get you fully integrated with Vonage’s HIPAA-compliant Video API services to let you leverage tailored telemedicine solutions.

API Integration

API-led connectivity promotes the reusability of system integrations and sets up an organization for scalability as new systems are introduced or swapped out.

Data Governance

Healthcare organizations collect and transmit large volumes of data every minute.  Having a secure and scalable data governance strategy helps ensure compliance, minimizes risk, and keeps your data cleansed.


Siloed BUs cause inefficiencies across multiple data sources;  QuadraByte is a platform-agnostic professional services provider and has the ability and expertise to work across your stack.