IoT and M2M Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) work by using built-in sensors, software, and communication hardware to collect and send data generated by their usage and environment.  This technology’s success depends on the consistency of its connectivity to the cloud and to other devices.  

QuadraByte provides highly specialized development services for IoT and M2M hardware, including embedded services and cross-platform data integration.

Our Services

Industry-Specific Solutions


IoT-enabled devices have revolutionized remote monitoring in the healthcare sector, making it possible to unleash the potential of patient-first safety and health while empowering physicians to deliver prodigious care.  Remote monitoring of patient health reduces the length of hospital stays, lowers re-admission rates, and ensures on-time delivery of care.


The use of the connected enterprise helps manufacturing companies monitor production lines to facilitate proactive maintenance.  Sensors can be used to detect potential issues and alert key technicians to their status.  As a result, companies see an improvement uptick and a reduction of operating costs.

Financial Services

Machine-to-machine communication has been shown to improve decision-making across financial services.  Businesses can use IoT devices to collect and analyze a clients data to gain valuable insights into their invest needs, perform business pattern and market research analysis, and streamline F&A operations.


Retailers benefit from IoT-connected devices tightly coupled to GPS and RFID technologies to help track products through the supply chain and throughout the retail-box location.  Using M2M communications, retailers improve loss prevention from theft and lost products, give visibility into product movement, and can be used to predict precise delivery times.

Media and Entertainment

Direct-to-consumer interaction for media and entertainment gains high-value impact from IoT-enabled devices.  IoT provides content creators with more mediums to deliver their content on new devices, can create engaging experiences for content consumers, and can leverage machine learning to recommend personalized content based on data about user activity, behavior, location, and demographics.

Public Sector

When public sector applications harness the power of M2M communication, there is enormous potential for sectors to evolve.  Public sector companies are using IoT to improve flash warning alarms, better manage traffic through real-time traffic analysis, empower smart cities, track and provide recommendations to reduce pollution, and conserve resources such as water, gas, and coal.