Who are we?

QuadraByte was created by its founder, Ron Steelman, who saw a need for an end-to-end data consultancy firm after working in the industry of data migration, data architecture, and system implementations for over 10 years.  Our goal is to create an industry-leading data consultancy firm with the vision of providing 360-degree services around data.  We strive to bring our customers the best in data conversion services, data cleansing & transformation services, Business Intelligence (BI) design & strategy, data warehouse management, and strategic data consulting.

What do we do?

QuadraByte’s service structure is built around using industry-leading technology, including Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Redis.  We also offer specialized services targeted to bring you more affordable solutions to your data needs, with more vendors and verticals being added. all of the time.

Our Platform Experience?

Our team brings experience from some of the leading platforms across all industries.   Below is a list of a few of the areas our team brings tribal knowledge:

  • RDBMS Platforms such as SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Oracle
  • NoSQL Platforms such as Mongo, Hadoop, and Redis
  • Extensive experience within the Salesforce ecosystem, including Einstein Analytics and Customer 360
  • CRM experience from the likes of SAP, PlanView, and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Tableau
  • Exigo Platform

In addition to our knowledge of data processes, best practices, and our experience with leading platforms, our team also has deep experience across a range of business verticals.  Below are some of the verticals where our team has shone in the past:

  • Education & Non-Profit
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare Services
  • Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Data Privacy & Anonymity

QuadraByte, LLC values the privacy of our customers’ data and data in general for the U.S. population.  We believe that unnecessary data mining and censorship can negatively impact individuals, lead to exploitation, and results in more successful social engineering efforts.  To aid data privacy and combat censorship, QuadraByte, LLC maintains a series of Onion (see Tor) services as a means to give back to the community.

If you would like to donate to our efforts and help us to grow our Onion network footprint, you can donate using the Secure PayPal button below.  All donations will remain anonymous.