Press Release: QuadraByte’s New Blockchain Solutions Are Helping Change The NFT and ESG Ecosystem In 2022

LITH Token - Sustainability on the blockchain.

March 22, 2022: QuadraByte and LITH Token are once more pioneering the frontier of Web3 and Blockchain technology with the latest release of their Beta NFT Marketplace. Last week, Blockchain Architect Adam Roorda attended SXSW at SoHo House to talk about the future of NFT, NFT use cases and the synergy that LITH Token is creating between NFTs and ESG platforms.

“There are so many implications with NFTs and this is an exciting time right now,” says Adam in his presentation to the SXSW audience while discussing the future of NFTs in 2022.

LITH Token aims to make their ERC-20 and ERC-1155 contracts the cryptocurrency of choice for sustainable and socially conscious businesses to thrive. LITH does this by combining the power of blockchain with traditional ESG. This allows LITH to unite all aspects of production; finance, resource gathering, manufacturing, and distribution – by integrating blockchain accountability to ESG management.

Below you can see how the LITH Token Ecosystem is layered on top of a blockchain oracle to create a seamless integration of the ESG Management Hub, Shoplith NFT Marketplace, and the LITH Token cryptocurrency Wallet. This custom and robust ecosystem is being launched exclusively on the Ethereum blockchain, taking advantage of the powerful Ethereum Virtual Machine solution, and with a roadmap to expand into other changes through utilizing external Layer 2 solutions while also building an internal, fully customized Layer 2 product.

Bringing Accountability To Sustainability & Ethics In Business

Blockchain For The Real World

As a part of the SXSW presentation, LITH Token goes into detail around their patent-pending physical NFT, co-developed by QuadraByte, to utilize the wallet and blockchain to perform a confirmation of a physical item. This one-of-a-kind technology allows you to completely decentralize your physical product while maintaining the security of your item and maintaining proof of ownership.

This marriage of items in the physical world to data on the blockchain takes NFTs beyond traditional usage and into what LITH calls the NOANE (pronounced known) Protocol or the NFC Oraclized Asymmetric NFT Encryption Protocol. It is a “patent pending unique physical NFT process which carries many positive repercussions in correlation with device communications with the blockchain.” This lets you maintain control of your products, your art, and your royalties beyond the marketplace by providing proof of ownership, anti-counterfeiting, and supply chain tracking.

You can learn more about NOANE and become an early adopter by joining the closed beta marketplace. Sign up today at lithtoken.io to start exploring the power of the NOANE marketplace. When you’re ready to unlock the potential of this powerful technology, QuadraByte and LITH Token are partnering to provide end-to-end solutions to help launch your unique business use case on this robust platform. Simply fill out our contact form and an expert will reach out to help build your roadmap to a decentralized tomorrow.

View the full SXSW video below and watch as Adam takes a deep dive into the LITH Token ecosystem, the power of the NOANE protocol, and the NFT landscape for 2022.

About: QuadraByte, based in the DFW area, supports businesses in creating data, analytics, and blockchain-based solutions to contribute in a powerful way to a company’s growth strategy. QuadraByte’s partnership with LITH Token represents a milestone in the company’s blockchain offering as more businesses begin to realize the value of their data and in implementing Web3 solutions.

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LITH Token – SXSW 2022 – SoHo House, Austin, Texas

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